February 18, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.
Welcome to Painting Texture
We hope you find this site useful and it gives you inspiration for your paintings!

Make Your Own Painting TextureThis website has been set up by a professional artist to give you some ideas about painting texture.

Many artists use texture under their paintings to create different effects and painting texture can be used under various different mediums.

You can buy different types of painting texture from art suppliers that have been designed to work with arcylics and oils or you can create your own painting texture – often at a much cheaper price than actually buying it off the shelf.

You may need to go to slightly different shops to buy the ingredients to make up your painting texture but there are so many possibilities of what kind of effects that you can get when creating your own that it is worth experimenting.

This website will not only concentrate on painting texture for abstract acrylic paintings, which is what I specialise in, but also painting texture for other mediums, with details of what you can buy or make, how to apply it, how to paint over the texture and what effects you can get with different painting textures.

I will also try and keep tabs on new ideas that come through from various manufacturers and I will also be blogging about various aspects of art that may or may not be related to painting texture!

If you have your own ideas on creating your own painting textures then feel free to comment on any posts and add your own findings about how you have created texture on your paintings.

You are also free to upload pictures of paintings that you have created with texture to build up a common library of textured painting images and share your work with the world.

So, you can either check out the articles that use different mediums to show how texture is created or take a look at general hints and tips for using painting texture.

To get straight in to making your own texture that is pretty cheap and easy to do then check out this page.