Best Implement to Apply Texture

If you are applying a heavy texture to your canvas then the best way of applying this – whether you want the texture to be quite smooth or very rough – is to use a cake slice. This one is almost the exact one that I use and you need a very sturdy one so that the handle does not bend (I did have a cheap one but the handle kept bending to the point where it broke) under the pressure of the texture.

Scoop the texture up as if you are going to ice a cake, and apply it in a similar way. You can use this cake slice to apply a lot of texture at once – although if you apply too much it is likely to crack and take a while to dry – or you can just scrape some texture on using the edge – this can give you a dappled effect like clouds for example.

Here is a cut out from a painting where I have just applied some light texture by scraping the cake slice over the canvas before painting and leaving to dry overnight.

Paint was then applied in both straight format from the pot, as a glaze and by dry brushing on top of the light texture.

Dont Worry Be Happy – Find A Hobby

Life moves at a very fast pace, and if we dont take a minute to slow down and take a break, life can pass us by before we know it. This is why its so important to find time for ourselves, and perhaps the best way to use wisely that time is to choose a hobby that suites your interests. Engaging in a hobby is not only a great way to relax, but it can also end up being very productive.
If you havent yet learned a hobby, then you probably wondering what to do, and ordinarily the most enchanting hobbies are those that are matched to a specific skill set that you may have, or perhaps be based around something that you find to be interesting. For example, if you love listening to music, then it could be that learning how to play the guitar, or any other musical instrument for that matter, might be something fun for you to do. That in itself should be enough to make anyone consider the idea of a hobby, but there are also many other profits that come along with the decision.
Some hobbies can be used to help increase your social lifestyle, and by deciding to participate in a team sport, or perhaps join a sewing circle, then you are not only stimulating your creative side, but also your social side. Finding people that likes the things you do is a great way to make new friends, while you chill out and enjoy your new hobby.
There is also the opportunity of making a nice little second income, especially if you are handy at making crafts, or maybe painting a portrait, or learning how to build your own website, all of which can be sold online or at craft fairs or be used in other ways to make some cash . This is actually a great way to get back some, or all, of the money you spent supplies, and even more than that.
When finding out what to do as a hobby, its also good to think about the health benefits that can be had by engaging in something fun. The obvious benefit is a reduction decrease in stress levels, but having a hobby, or doing something that you love can have more benefits on top of that. There have been many researches done to figure out what other positive benefits can be gleaned from hobbies, and there are many. Those who choose to opt for an activity that is physical in nature resulted in less overall fatigue, were as other activities were shown to help lower blood pressure, body mass index and even decreases the possibility of depression.
We, as a society spend far too much time worrying about what to do with the things we are forced to do, like work and bills, and too little time trying to make ourselves happy by the simple act of doing something we love.
Starting a new hobby can be a very simple and cheap process, and something as simple as learning origami requires nothing more than paper and patience.
Today there are great websites that can give you hobby ideas and teaches you how to do them. For instance the site shows you ways to learn origami, how to play the guitar, paint a portrait, learn photoshop, building your own website, starting your own blog, learning magic tricks and more.

If you are stressing about life, than take this time you deserve for yourself, and pick up a hobby.

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Brushes to Paint Over Texture

When painting over texture, in particular texture that is heavy, I often use large brushes to apply at least the first couple of coats. I guess this might be because I create large abstract paintings and so you need large brushes to cover the whole painting.

The brushes that I use are not expensive ones as large artist brushes can be very expensive. So instead of using artist brushes I often use ones that are actually designed for DIY. As long as you keep an eye on any stray hairs that may come out of the brush then these cheap brushes can be really good. Remember in particular with acrylic paints that you need to keep the brushes washed so that the acrylic paint does not dry out as it can do quite quickly.

With my large abstract paintings I will use a number of different coats of paint from neat paint straight out of the pot, to heavily watered down paint and often I also use dry brushing with big brushes to add highlights to the texture.

So you can find below an example of the types of brushes I use – you can get plenty of brushes like this and I have a whole stack to choose from so that I still have a dry one available for when I need to do the dry brushing.