New Paintings for Exhibition

So I have 4 paintings going into an exhibition starting today and I thought I would share a few pictures as three of them involve plenty of texture and each one has a different type of texture under it. They are all abstract paintings as per my usual style.

Painting 1 is similar to two I did for the same exhibition last year – marked off segments with different patterns in each piece of texture adding to the depth of the painting.

‘Abstraction’, Mixed Media on Canvas

I used my usual mixture of stucco and pva on the base of the painting, covering the whole canvas, then marking off the sections reasonably quickly and adding some different parks to various areas of the painting to add more depth. After that I used 4-5 coats of paint – one base coat over the whole painting and then different shades of brown and topped off with copper leaf and gold and silver powder.

Next painting was using a thinner base of stucco and pva with some tissue put onto the texture while it was still wet to form a line at the top of the main blue section:

Blue Landscape, Mixed Media/Acrylic on Canvas

The third painting was created using a different texture underneath – in this case I used general plaster in powder form and added some water to this as well as some pva. The effect was much more grainy in the texture but it still adheres well to the canvas.

Quite a few coats of acrylic paint were added in various thicknesses to get the desired effect and then some multicoloured leaf.

‘Bird of Paradise’