Forum Section Added

I’ve had a far greater response to the site than I expected and there had been quite a large number of comments, particularly on the ‘make your own texture’ page.

This made me think that people had a lot of questions but not only that, there are also artists adding really useful comments about how they make their texture too.

So I thought that it might be useful to have a place on the site specifically for people to have discussions about texture – or in fact anything else art wise that they want to talk about. So I have created some forums. I’ve not really tried this software before so I have yet to see how user friendly it is and if people want to actually post there!

Obviously the site is still open for comments in the usual way but if you feel like asking questions or getting feedback on something then feel free to go over to the forums.

Link to Forums

Let me know if you think there should be some other sections in the forum as I have just set up 4 to start off with.

If there is anything that you don’t like about them then please let me know either by starting a thread in the Forum Discussions section or just by leaving a comment here.

I know that forums take a while to get going and get people posting so I won’t expect too much too soon!

Thanks for reading.