January 23, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.

Applying Texture

Using Masking Tape for Textured Patterns

Masking tape is a really useful tool in painting I find, whether you just create patterns and paint over it, mask off edges of the painting to frame it or maybe use texture. In the past I have created a few paintings that have had a specific part of the painting that has raised texture …

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Creating a Textured Abstract Painting

Ok so I have finished the video of the creation of a new painting for my lounge. Obviously I couldn’t video every minute of creating the painting as the video would have been too long! Often I spent time just painting over and over to get the right effect. For me the key here is …

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Tissue Paper for Texture

If you want a quick and easy way to add texture to your paintings then you can use tissue (the type you blow your nose on!) or tissue paper. ideally you would use PVA to apply the tissue to the canvas but if you don’t have any then you can just use acrylic paint. Either …

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Using Tissue in Paintings

Another item that I use to make texture in paintings is just plain tissue. I’m talking about the tissues you use to blow your nose on but you can use any other type of tissue really.

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Using Old Paint

Don’t forget that as well as using a base coat of a thick texture or texture paste, or adding some kind of texture to your paint – like sand or powdered plaster, that you can create some extra texture on a painting┬ájust┬áby using old paint. If you have any left over paint on your palette …

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Best Implement to Apply Texture

If you are applying a heavy texture to your canvas then the best way of applying this – whether you want the texture to be quite smooth or very rough – is to use a cake slice. This one is almost the exact one that I use and you need a very sturdy one so …

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