January 23, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.

Buying Painting Supplies

Gold and Silver Powder for Art

So having had a few enquiries about my gold and silver powder that I use in my textured paintings (and in fact in my fluid abstract paintings), I’ve done a bit more investigating as to where you can get hold of something at least similar to what I have. I got my gold, silver and …

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Using Tile Adhesive for Texture

So someone recently asked me if you could use tile adhesive in a texture mix instead of the stucco that I usually use. Well I had to say that I did not know if tile adhesive would work as a painting base as I had never tried it. I had tried plenty of powder based …

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Cheap Canvases in the UK

If you are an artist working in the UK and you paint on canvas, then no doubt you try and find the best priced canvases at the best quality like I do. My preferred canvases are Winsor & Newton with Daler Rowney coming a close second. I find the Winsor & Newton box canvases are …

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