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Gold and Silver Powder

So having had a few enquiries about my gold and silver powder that I use in my textured paintings (and in fact in my fluid abstract paintings), I’ve done a bit more investigating as to where you can get hold of something at least similar to what I have.

I got my gold, silver and bronze powder deep in the industrial area of Dubai! I have no idea what it was intended to be used for but myself and a few other artists over there started using it and loved it!

You only need the smallest amount possible on your paintings so it lasts pretty much forever. As I had 3 or 4 1 litre pots of the stuff I still have loads of it left.

I find the best use for it is to use it to rub into paintings that have a lot of texture on. You can either rub it into the cracks and crevices on a painting or you can use a sponge to pretty much dry brush it onto the top of bits of texture. If you don’t like what you have done then you can wipe it off with some water although his becomes difficult if you have put a lot on.

You can also add it to a painting medium so that it is effectively in liquid form and you can apply it like that.

In my fluid paintings I put the smallest amount onto the end of a stick or sponge (and I mean the smallest amount – I put some on then knock most of it back into the pot) before applying a dusting to the painting. If the painting is still liquid then the powder will move around and form nice organic patterns.

With the textured paintings I like to combine using the powder with also using gold or silver paint and maybe some gold leaf too as they come up with different effects. To be honest I’m a bit of a gold addict!

So I’ll try and attach a close up of a painting or two where I have used the gold powder so that you can see what kind of effect you can get…

gold powder painting
This paitning has gold powder rubbed into cracks and onto exposed pieces of texture

OK so the above painting has a fair bit of gold powder on it – in particular you can see where I have rubbed it onto the squares in positions 4, 8, 23, 27 and 32 (although I think there is some on other squares too).

gold powder painting
This painting has gold powder rubbed in in various places.

You can also see in the painting above that I have used the gold powder to rub into high pieces of texture at the top as well as some silver powder on the bottom right and more gold powder on the left bottom below the gold leaf.

OK so here are the examples of what looks to be a similar gold powder on Amazon both in the UK and in the US. I haven’t tried and tested these so I don’t know if they will perform in the same way but they look pretty similar to what I have and for the price they are probably worth a try:

Using Tile Adhesive for Texture

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Cheap Canvases in the UK

If you are an artist working in the UK and you paint on canvas, then no doubt you try and find the best priced canvases at the best quality like I do. My preferred canvases are Winsor & Newton with Daler Rowney coming a close second. I find the Winsor & Newton box canvases are great to work with and the paint goes on well without any kind of what I would call ‘oiling’ of the surface, stopping the paint adhering properly which you can get with inferior canvases. Continue reading Cheap Canvases in the UK