January 23, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.


Warm and Cool Blues – Which are Which?

Recently I was tasked with a commission to do for a large room that was north facing and had a bit of a dark feel to it. I wanted to use blues colours in the painting, and to add some warmth, I wanted to use warm blues. Little did I know the conflict I would …

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textured abstract painting

Step by Step Textured Painting

So following on from my last post about using resin in my paintings I realised that I had actually meant to document the process of creating the painting shown in that article. So I put together all of the images I took during the creation process and have made them into a step by step …

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What Makes a Good Painting?

This is more of a rhetorical question or a throwing about of ideas with anyone else welcome to pitch in, but I find sometimes writing about things brings out more ideas myself in what I can do in future. So, what makes a good painting? I have been thinking about this after I got an …

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10 Things You Can Add to Texture

This month I have had my studio open as part of the local open studios event and during that time I have been doing some demonstrations on some textured canvases. As part of these demonstrations I have been including some additional elements to the texture to demonstrate different techniques. So as well as just using texture …

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When is a Painting Finished?

I have been thinking about this post for a while but I have been asking myself the question – when is a painting finished? – for quite a while! It first started when I began to paint semi-professionally in about 2004 when a friend of mine asked if I would like a professional artist friend …

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Creating a Textured Abstract Painting

Ok so I have finished the video of the creation of a new painting for my lounge. Obviously I couldn’t video every minute of creating the painting as the video would have been too long! Often I spent time just painting over and over to get the right effect. For me the key here is …

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New Paintings with Heavy Texture

These last couple of weeks I have been working on a new set of paintings that have some really heavy texture on them. I used the stucco and PVA mixture but I had a tub of slightly old stucco that was starting to get a bit dry at the edges. However, I made the most …

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Texturing Over Old Paintings

So with my texture mix you can reuse old paintings that no longer work for you. You can use gesso to do this too, particularly with acrylic paintings. But if you have oil paintings that have dried out completely (I’m talking years) then it is pretty safe to put a good layer of texture over …

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New Paintings for Exhibition

So I have 4 paintings going into an exhibition starting today and I thought I would share a few pictures as three of them involve plenty of texture and each one has a different type of texture under it. They are all abstract paintings as per my usual style. Painting 1 is similar to two …

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Cheap Canvases in the UK

If you are an artist working in the UK and you paint on canvas, then no doubt you try and find the best priced canvases at the best quality like I do. My preferred canvases are Winsor & Newton with Daler Rowney coming a close second. I find the Winsor & Newton box canvases are …

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