January 23, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.

Texture Ingredients

Great Texture Additive!

So I had some lessons a number of year ago from an abstract artist who also used a lot of texture in his paintings. I was already working as an abstract artist at that point in time but I always think that you can learn plenty of new tips and tricks from other artists on …

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Decorator’s Caulk for Paintings

A few years ago I picked up some tubes of squeezable decorators caulk to try out on creating some shapes and lines on some paintings. They turned out quite well and it is really easy to use. It is quite a flexible substance so it works well on canvas and it is easy to apply. …

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Trying Different Texture Mediums

So I moved house recently, well I didn’t exactly move, I sold one place and am waiting on another so all my stuff is in storage. When I put it in storage I thought that it would only be a couple of weeks before I could get it all out again but now it is …

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