January 23, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.


textured abstract painting

Step by Step Textured Painting

So following on from my last post about using resin in my paintings I realised that I had actually meant to document the process of creating the painting shown in that article. So I put together all of the images I took during the creation process and have made them into a step by step …

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Using Masking Tape for Textured Patterns

Masking tape is a really useful tool in painting I find, whether you just create patterns and paint over it, mask off edges of the painting to frame it or maybe use texture. In the past I have created a few paintings that have had a specific part of the painting that has raised texture …

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Paint Pouring – An Experiment

Firstly a disclaimer – there is no texture involved in this post! So I have seen a few videos of paint pouring and the kind of effects that you can get with pouring acrylic paint onto a surface and letting it do it’s thing. I have previously created and sold quite a large number of …

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Creating a Textured Abstract Painting

Ok so I have finished the video of the creation of a new painting for my lounge. Obviously I couldn’t video every minute of creating the painting as the video would have been too long! Often I spent time just painting over and over to get the right effect. For me the key here is …

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New Video Coming

A while back I made a video of how to create a swirled abstract painting in acrylics and uploaded it to YouTube. I’ll share the link in case you are interested. As it has become really popular I thought I would also create a video of ‘how to create an abstract painting for your home’ …

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