Cheap Canvases in the UK

If you are an artist working in the UK and you paint on canvas, then no doubt you try and find the best priced canvases at the best quality like I do. My preferred canvases are Winsor & Newton with Daler Rowney coming a close second. I find the Winsor & Newton box canvases are great to work with and the paint goes on well without any kind of what I would call ‘oiling’ of the surface, stopping the paint adhering properly which you can get with inferior canvases. Continue reading Cheap Canvases in the UK

Using Old Paint

Don’t forget that as well as using a base coat of a thick texture or texture paste, or adding some kind of texture to your paint – like sand or powdered plaster, that you can create some extra texture on a painting just by using old paint. If you have any left over paint on your palette (and this can be acrylic or oil paint) then scrape it all off into an old plastic pot and keep hold of it. Continue reading Using Old Paint