Great Texture Additive!

So I had some lessons a number of year ago from an abstract artist who also used a lot of texture in his paintings. I was already working as an abstract artist at that point in time but I always think that you can learn plenty of new tips and tricks from other artists on how they create their texture and their paintings. I definitely learnt things from this guy.

One tip he had was to use sawdust to add texture to his paintings. You can use this by adding it to gesso or to PVA or add it tot he texture mix that I have detailed in this website. You may need to add a bit of extra PVA as the sawdust will thicken it up like porridge though!

I think the reason I haven’t used it up until now is that I haven’t really had it easily to hand, whereas the guy that told me about it knew a carpenter. However, I came back to my house a few weeks ago (which I am renovating) and there was a massive pile of sawdust in the middle of the lounge where the builders had been working. I immediately thought ‘don’t throw that away!’ and scooped it all up into a plastic bag. Luckily I think there will be enough to last quite a while.

This big bag of sawdust I collected should last me a while!
This big bag of sawdust I collected should last me a while!

Thinking about it I reckon I could have gone to the local DIY store where they cut wood and have maybe got a bag from them so don’t put it off like me and give it a go!