Creating a Textured Abstract Painting

Ok so I have finished the video of the creation of a new painting for my lounge. Obviously I couldn’t video every minute of creating the painting as the video would have been too long!

Often I spent time just painting over and over to get the right effect. For me the key here is layers of paint, the more layers the better, until you feel like it is finished. The other key point is not to add any colour neat (apart from white), always try and partially mix it with another colour.

This is the finished result, it is similar in style to the header image on this website:

Textured Abstract Painting
Textured Abstract Painting
The finished painting hanging in my lounge
The finished painting hanging in my lounge

This is the video sped up to 8x normal viewing. If anyone is interested in the full length video then I might post this too although it is pretty much 20 minutes long.

The colours I used in the painting were as follows (I used acrylic paint):

Antique Brown
Pale Umber
Green Gold
Naples Yellow
Permanent Green Middle
Permanent Green Light
Windsor Violet
Permanent Magenta
Burnt Umber

In addition I used gold leaf and gold powder.

Some techniques I used were painting not only with brushes but also with household sponges, cloths to wipe off excess paint, painting with watered down paint as a wash and dry brushing with brush and sponge.

I painted the sides a few times with a sponge with watered down paint and in the end I used a satin varnish to finish off, avoiding the gold leaf.

Here are some images of details of the painting and the texture:

New Video Coming

A while back I made a video of how to create a swirled abstract painting in acrylics and uploaded it to YouTube. I’ll share the link in case you are interested.

As it has become really popular I thought I would also create a video of ‘how to create an abstract painting for your home’ using some of the texture I mention on this website. So I’m in the process of doing that right now and will upload it as soon as it’s done.

The painting I am creating is for my own home as I am in the process of selling it and I think custom made artwork is a great addition to a home when it is up for sale. I did have a couple of pieces of my art up in my lounge but as I sold one I need to fill that space with something else and I thought something specific to that room would be a good idea.

This kind of artwork is also quite commercial for people like interior designers (I sold quite a few pieces using this method in the past) so it’s worth a look.