January 23, 2018
  • How to get texture into your art.

Mixed Media

textured abstract painting

Step by Step Textured Painting

So following on from my last post about using resin in my paintings I realised that I had actually meant to document the process of creating the painting shown in that article. So I put together all of the images I took during the creation process and have made them into a step by step …

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Gold and Silver Powder for Art

So having had a few enquiries about my gold and silver powder that I use in my textured paintings (and in fact in my fluid abstract paintings), I’ve done a bit more investigating as to where you can get hold of something at least similar to what I have. I got my gold, silver and …

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New Paintings with Heavy Texture

These last couple of weeks I have been working on a new set of paintings that have some really heavy texture on them. I used the stucco and PVA mixture but I had a tub of slightly old stucco that was starting to get a bit dry at the edges. However, I made the most …

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Adding Cuttings to a Painting

If you want to get into mixed media painting and maybe include some cuttings in your composition – these can be newspaper clippings, printed photos on A4 paper, or things that you cut out of books or magazines then there are a few ways that you can apply these things to the canvas and they …

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